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International Gala


International Gala is a celebration of culture that showcases dance, music, and fashion from various countries, bringing together 300+ performers, countless volunteers, and an audience of over 2,000.


Since the event and has been running for over a decade and represents the spirit of diversity for the Worcester community, the logo must always express movement and energy as well as a sense of timelessness and unity.



Every year, the theme of Gala is carefully chosen and the event is takes on a deeper meaning. Similarly, the logo must embody that significance. ​ Take the theme for 2016, "The Gala Effect", which focused on the lasting impact that this event has on all those who are involved in making it happen. The logo was symbolically composed of simple geometric shapes that all lead in to the next and can even be seen as leaning against each other to keep the entire form solidly upright.


United, We Gala

With such a turbulent year of divisive events across the world, this theme was focused on the uniting power of gala, and of dance. The logo, with its intertwining letters, represents co-existence, and infinity.

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